Putnam County

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Putnam County

Just north of Westchester is a beautiful County known for its farms and lakes. Once  better known as a summer community, is now home to over 99,000 residents. Many residents enjoy lakeside living from motor boats and jet skis to swimming, fishing and canoeing. Residents enjoy the historic park and Museum of Boscobel where the annual Shakespeare Festival is held or skiing and snowboarding at Fahnestock or Thunder Ridge. Whatever season is your favorite, Putnam County has something for you.


The median sold price of a home in Putnam County in 2014 was $310,500. There is a large array of homes to choose from to fit every price range.



mahopac high schoolIf schools are what is important to you, there are a host of websites where research information can be obtained.The Public School website does a quality report on all the local schools, as does Zillow.

Dining and Shopping

One of the best features of dining in the Hudson Valley is Restaurant Week. Many local restaurants that use local farm markets reduce their prices to get diners to try new experiences. Putnam County also has many diverse shopping experiences and local merchants are supported through the Shop Putnam Website.

putnam golf course Parks and Recreation

Putnam County Golf Course is not only a great place to play a round of golf but to be entertained. Many events such as Broadway quality shows, Disco Nights and Holiday Galas are where friends and neighbors get together to have a good time. Putnam County is also full of great parks and recreation departments around the county, with a multitude of events for every member of your family.


Putnam County has convenient transportation through Train, Bus and Vehicle transportation

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