Marketing Your Home

stagingThe goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure as possible. Increased exposure in the market will put your home in front of the greatest number of potential buyers. The larger your pool of buyers, the higher the likelihood you will field offers. There are many ways we accomplish this in todays market. Below is some of the ways My Seasons Realty will work hard to bring as many potential buyers as possible.


inlawunitMany homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. Staging does not have to be an extravagant expensive process. New paint and freshly cleaned floors are a great start. Keeping the furniture simple to show off the rooms and removing family pictures allows potential buyers to see themselves living there and not intruding on someone else’s home. Upgrading fixtures,bedding and adding fresh flowers are all inexpensive ways to make your home shine. We sit down with you first and discuss what the best staging options are best for each individual situation.


bedroom3Photos are the first impression of your home. Most potential buyers first look at photos online before ever visiting the home. Many buyers will not even visit a home if there are not pictures to view first. We take pride in the photos we take and use the latest in digital quality. We encourage our clients to also take pictures to add their viewpoint.

Virtual Tour

We create virtual tours to give prospective buyers a feel for the house before setting a viewing appointment? It gives a sense of being in the home before they even get there.

Open Houses

open house signOpen Houses are an important tool when marketing your home and not all agents do them. They can be inconvenient to the seller usually interrupting your weekend. The Pros definitely out way the cons. Buyers who do not want to feel pressure, neighbors who might want family to move to the neighborhood, or just someone who saw your open house sign are potential buyers or might know a potential buyer. A Broker Open House during the week will get other agents interested in your home to bring their potential buyers as well.


Monitor, Keyboard, and MouseDid you know…92% Of Home Buyers Use The Internet To Search For A Home and 47% First Found Their Home Through The Internet We’ve created the industry’s most extensive online marketing program. Here are the Top websites where we’ll submit your property once listed, and many of these have extended networks as well, resulting in exposure on up to 900 different sites!

Harmon Homes
The Real Estate Book


email-logoMy Seasons Realty uses an email marketing plan that sends out flyers to over 6000 local real estate agents in a 20 mile radius of your home. For a home in Mahopac for example would include agents in lower westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess  and Sullivan Counties. As well as many parts of Conneticut. Click on the link below to view a copy of an email agent flyer.



The Multiple Listing Service is a cooperative agreement of Real Estate Agencies and Agents in your area to share the marketing of your home. In 2011, Westchester Putnam Association of Realtors, merged with the Rockland County Board of REALTORS and the Orange County Association of REALTORS to become the Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS (HGAR), representing more than 9,000 REALTORS in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland and Orange Counties. HGAR owns and operates and Hudson Gateway Multiple Listing System (HGMLS) that features property listings in the Bronx, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties. This is the Multiple Listing Service your house would be listed on and is the largest site of its type in the area.

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